Price 100 € per day

The Vonkale hut is located along a nature trail at the foot of Sammalsuonvuori hill.

The large barbeque in the centre of the hut offers many ways of cooking your food on the open fire (have your choice of a pot and skillet hook, large cast-iron pan, gridiron and skewers). The open flame creates a magical atmosphere in the dim barbeque hut. It provides an excellent place to organise casual get-togethers and dinners as well as meetings. Sitting around the barbeque is a relaxing way of rounding up the day of fishing, perhaps planning new outings. You can also have an immersive nature experience by staying overnight in the hut and waking up to birdsong in the morning. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee brewed on the open fire while looking out at the forest.

Some outdoor activities for children have been set up near the hut. The hut seats up to 20 people and up to six people may spend the night sleeping in sleeping bags on the benches.

Dry firewood and fresh drinking water are included in the rent. There is an ecological dry toilet near the hut. You can book the lakeside sauna for an extra fee when you stay the night in the hut.

Price: €100/day; €80/6 hours

Cleaning up service after your stay €30, or you may clean up yourself

For an additional fee: sleeping bag and sleeping mat €20/person

                         lakeside sauna €20/hour


Accommodation and Fishing Vonkale