What time can I check in at the cabin I have booked? And by what time should I check out?
Check in starts at 2 pm,
and you must check out by 12 (noon).

Can I arrive by boat?
Yes, you can. We have a dock and three mooring buoys for our guests’ boats.

How should I pay for the cabin?
You can pay for the cabin beforehand or upon arrival. We accept cash and debit card payments.

Where do I get the keys for my cabin?
Please call us at Vonkale (+358 44 304 9458) upon arrival, and we will guide you to your cabin personally.

How do I find the Vonkale farm if I haven’t got a navigation system in my vehicle?
We will email you the directions and a map of the region before your arrival.

Do I need my own bedsheets or can I rent them? How much do they cost?
Yes, you can rent bedsheets from us. The package that includes bedsheets and towels costs €15 per package.

Can I sleep in a sleeping bag?
Yes, you can. Please bring your own pillowcase, though. Alternatively, we can rent you a pillowcase for one euro.

Where are the nearest (grocery) shops?
There is one in Suolahti, about 10km from Vonkale. There are more shops, including a liquor store, in Äänekoski (23km). The city of Jyväskylä with a wider variety of shops is a bit under 60km away.

Where are the nearest restaurants?
There is a pizzeria in Suolahti, about 10km away, and Ravintola Keitele (12km) is a nice place for lunch. There are several restaurants in Äänekoski (23km).

What items can I borrow for free?
Books, films, papers and magazines, toys and games, a high chair and a baby monitor. We’ve also got sledges and kick-sleds that our guests can use, free of charge.

What should I do if I want to use the items that can be rented for a fee?
The items that you can rent, including their rental prices, are listed on our website and in the cabin information files. To rent any of them, please call or otherwise contact our staff at +358 44 304 9458.

What are the possibilities to do laundry?
There is a washing machine in the Rantahuvila villa and Peukaloinen cabin, and all cabins have clothes lines outside. You can use the washing machine for common use in the service building free of charge.

Do you sort waste?
Yes, we do. There is a waste collection point in front of the service building with comprehensive sorting possibilities.

What should I do if I accidentally break something?
Please let us know about anything you have broken at the latest when checking out so we can agree upon possible compensation.

Can we feed the sheep and rabbits? With what?
Yes, you can, but only with the following feed. For the sheep, dry bread (usually, there is a dish with dry bread in it next to the pen), rosebay willowherb, dandelion, willow and clover.
For the rabbits: carrot, cabbage, cucumber, dandelion, willow and clover.

Can we find fishing worms somewhere? Or can we buy them?
You can dig the leaf compost next to the fishing hut to find worms, or you can buy them (€5 per 20 worms).

How can we book the lakeside sauna and what should we wear in the sauna?
Please book the lakeside sauna on the morning of day you want to use it or, preferably, one day in advance at +358 44 304 9458.

How can we book the hot tub and what should we wear in the tub?
Please book the hot tub on the morning of day you want to use it or, preferably, one day in advance at +358 44 304 9458. The water in the tub is changed after each use.

What wild berries can be found in the forests?
Copious amounts of wild strawberries, and a lot of raspberries on the roadside. You will also find lots of blueberries and lingonberries in the forest.

Should I clean the fish I catch in the cabin, on the beach or where?
There is a fishing hut near the dock where you can clean the fish with running water and sheltered from mosquitoes.

Is there a freezer available for storing a larger catch of fish or berries?
Yes, there is a chest freezer for common use in the service building. Some of the cabins are also equipped with freezers.


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