Camp school


We organize camp schools for school-age children built around fishing and doing things together. Additionally, we carry out custom-made camps of different lengths for other groups. The responsible instructor is an experienced fishing guide assisted by an educational professional (teacher) and a long-term fishing enthusiast.
During the camp school, the students get acquainted with the fish species living in Finland and the Finnish fishing practices (everyone’s rights, fishing permits, different fishing methods, fish cleaning)
Each student gets to practice the fishing method they like under the guidance of the fishing guide (jigging, spinning, trolling, coarse fishing)

Every day:
-Daily meals based on Finnish home cooking (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and supper). Hygiene passport okay.
Fish is also served with a meal every day
-Variable activity related to fishing (fishing, fish handling, fishing knots, fishing quiz ??)
-Outdoor and social activities (5 rowing boats, 5 kayaks, nature trail, sheep and rabbits, plenty of outdoor games)
-Beach sauna and hot tube
-Evening lights (in the barbecue hut, forest shed, hut or under the sky)

In addition
-Each student gets to take part in a one-time longer fishing trip, during which they land and prepare a joint meal in the heart of nature.
-Ability to offer students an experience of spending the night in nature (in a shed, hut, semi-team tent or camping tent)

Accommodation and camp fees
-Accommodation takes place in five cottages in the area (website section “Cottages”). Each cottage has one adult supervisor familiar to the students free of charge.
-100e / day / student. If you bring your own sheets and towels, discount 5e / day /student.
(Minimum number of participants is five paying persons, maximum number is 20-25 participants)

We tailor camps, family or parents’ camps and various theme camps (e.g. yoga camp. larping camp or dog camp) according to the wishes of the customers. Number of participants max.25 people. The price consists of accommodation, meals and program services (fishing, activities, sauna and hot tube). For the maximum amount, the price includes the rent of the entire area (approximately 10 ha) (cottage area and forest area with forest shed, nature trail and forest hut).


Accommodation and Fishing Vonkale