Tranquil whisper of nature!

Comfy cottages on the shores of Lake Keitele with clean and clear waters


Prices from 100 € per day

Peukaloinen is a cabin that was renovated and extended in 2018. The cabin is now about 50% larger than before and its equipment was upgraded to meet the more sophisticated requirements of today’s guests. The cabin represents a beautiful balance between the past and the present. Customers have been particularly satisfied with the pleasant steam in the sauna and the terrace where you can cool down afterwards, as well as the large storage facilities and beautiful views of both the woods and the lake.

Harmaa Hukka

Prices from 90 € per day

The Harmaa Hukka lies at the end of a forest lane completely apart from other cottages. It is therefore a perfect place for relaxation to anyone who wishes privacy or who travels with a dog. The cottage and its yard are surrounded by the lake and the woods. There is a beautiful view of the beach and lake Keitele from the porch.


Prices from 90 € per day

The Kontu cottage lies apart from other cottages  between the lake and the forest. Kontu is a peaceful chalet best suited for one or two guests. From the window and the porch, you have a wonderful view of the lake, and you can admire the glow of the fireplace from the bed. It only takes a moment to have the continuously heated sauna ready for bathing, and the rowing boat at the lakeside is freely at your disposal.

Beach villa

Prices from 150 € per day

The villa on the lakeside is so close to the shore that you can throw a stone into the water straight from the doorstep. Sit on the front patio and watch boats passing by or admire the sunset over the lake. Watch the water birds and listen to their songs while sipping your morning coffee.

In the winter, ice fishers will gather like penguins on the frozen lake. An ice road across the lake and the whip-sledge at the Vonkale shoreline bring life to the otherwise quiet lake.


Prices from 70 € per day

Kojamo is the first cabin that was built on our farm. It is an excellent option for those who look for affordable accommodation and do not mind using the toilet, shower and sauna in the adjacent service building. The Kojamo cottage lies in the center of the Vonkale grounds next to the beach sauna. In the summer, you can sit on the Kojamo terrace and watch your children play on the beach or with the rabbits in the nearby enclosure.


Prices from 70 € per day

Rautu is one of our two basic cabins. Enjoy the view of the lake while keeping an eye on your children on the playground or playing field. If you don’t mind using the toilet and washing facilities in a separate building, this cabin will provide you with affordable and atmospheric accommodation.


Price 100 € / day

The Vonkale hut is located along a nature trail at the foot of Sammalsuonvuori hill. The large barbeque in the centre of the hut offers many ways of cooking your food on the open fire (have your choice of a pot and skillet hook, large cast-iron pan, gridiron and skewers).

Cabin area

The Vonkale farm is located in the peace of nature at the end of a forest road.


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