Fishing equipment

For jigging, we use Shimano Nasci 1000 open face reels with Yasei Ax Zander rods and Sufix Matrix Pro lines that excelled in the Finnish Erä outdoor magazine test. The sensitivity required in jigging was paid particular attention to when compiling our fishing sets.

When spin fishing for pike, we use the durable Shimano Beastmaster rods and Shimano Nasci 3000 reels that provide the high braking power required when tiring out one of the big beasts.


We provide our customers with life jackets or automatic life jackets and polarised sunglasses.


In the case of food fish, we practice sustainable and selective fishing to make sure that we do not contribute in unsustainable pressure on the fish populations and that large broodstock in the lakes get a change to reproduce. Badly injured fish that exceed the minimum landing size are always caught and used for food.


Accommodation and Fishing Vonkale