Fishing licenses

  • The national fisheries management fee (kalastonhoitomaksu) allows you to go fishing with one rod on many, however, not all water areas. Restrictions apply on protected waters, special destinations that require a special permit as well as rapids and streams with migratory fish.
  • The national fisheries management fee applies to 18 to 64-year-old people who wish to use lures or traps for fishing.
  • Permits are not needed for catching fish using a rod and a line or ice fishing.
  • The national fisheries management fee can be paid for the whole calendar year (€45), one week (€15) or one day (€6).
  • You can acquire your fishing permit at the erä webshop or any R-kioski shop in Finland.
  • We can also assist you in acquiring your fishing permit for a service fee of €5 per fishing permit.


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