Gift cards

Being together with your family

This gift voucher entitles you to a family holiday for five people for one day at Accommodation & Fishing in Vonkale Peukaloinen Cottage.
Upon arrival at the cottage you will find a covered dining table and in the oven there is warm food with side dishes. Ice cream dessert is in the freezer.
After a meal together, it’s nice to go see the surroundings and rattle the sheep and rabbits on the farm.
A traditional beach sauna and a hot tub with coloured light are waiting ready at the agreed time. Soft drinks are available for you. As you return to the cottage, there are pancakes and berries ready for dinner on the terrace. Before going to bed, you can still play the board games available in the cottage.
After a good night’s sleep, you will find a variety of breakfast items ready to put on the table in the fridge.
After breakfast, you can finally try your knowledge on the nature trail of the nearby forest.

Price 400€

Romantic holiday for one day

This gift voucher entitles two people to a romantic holiday for one day at Accommodation & Fishing in Vonkale Kontu Cottage.
Upon arrival at the cottage, chocolate, fruit and sparkling wine are waiting for you. At a convenient time, you can move to the enchanting hut of the nearby forest to eat a pre-prepared dinner (appetizer, main course and dessert with food drinks).
Later in the evening, a traditional beach sauna and a warm hot tub with candlelight in front of the sauna are waiting for you. Soft drinks and fruit are available.
In the morning, a versatile breakfast basket is brought to the veranda of the cottage at a convenient time, or if you prefer, you can find breakfast items in the fridge.

Price 350€

Beach Sauna and hot tub

This gift voucher entitles you to use Accommodation & Fishing Vonkale’s traditional beach sauna and the hot tub in front of it for four hours. Go with your family or invite your friends to a relaxing evening during which the hustle and bustle will disappear.

Price 150€

Hut rented for one night

This gift voucher entitles you to use the hut in the nearby forest of Vonkale Accommodation & Fishing for one night. The hut can accommodate max. 20 people also, out around the campfire and the outer table there is a space that can accommodate the same amount of people. Inside the hut is a well equipped large grill with firewood and light and atmosphere created by oil lamps. There is also a neat eco toilet nearby.
Ask your friends to spend time together!

Price 100€

An evening spent in the hut with dinner

This gift voucher entitles one person to dinner (appetizer, main course, dessert, drinks) in an atmospheric hut located in the nearby forest of Accommodation & Fishing Vonkale.

Price 50€ per person, at least four persons

Kayaking gift voucher

Explore the beautiful nature of Lake Keitele with a friend in the kayak. This gift voucher entitles you to two kayaks and their accessories for 24 hours a day.

Price 60€

Self-guided kayak adventure

Keitele is full of attractive islands, which can be explored by canoeing on excursions of different lengths. Some of the islands offer a great menue for camping and unforgettable memories. A warm camping meal after canoing is one of the highlights of the trip.
This gift voucher includes the necessary equipment for a self-guided kayaking trip: two kayaks and a kayak vest, a hiking tent, two sleeping bags, a Trangia camping stove, a compass and a map of Lake Keitele for one day.

Price 150€

Mini cruise in Lake Keitele

A mini cruise is a great way to look deeper into the lake nature of Ala-Keitele. This gift voucher entitles six persons to a 1.5-hour mini-cruise on a Vonkale fishing ferry on the beautiful Ala-Keitele. Larger groups (max. 11 people) also possible by special agreement.
Departure points: from Vonkale beach and from Äänekoski or Suolahti harbor

Price 200€


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