Vonkale Predator Trophy

What is Vonkale Predator Trophy?

Vonkale Predator Trophy is a local fishing competition created by Majoitus & Kalastus Vonkale since 2021. Competition is based on social media platform. Attending to competition is available to every fisherman during open water season in Ala-Keitele lake area.



You can attend/participate by lodging Accommodation & Fishing Vonkale cabins or attending/participating guided fishing tours. You can add three (3) competition posts (fotos) for every lodging day. Competition posts (fotos) has maximum of 15 (equivalent for 5 days lodging). Every accepted foto is entitled for one (1) lottery ticket.


  1. Biggest perch (cm): Shimano perch -set + your name added to Challenge Cup
  2. Biggest pike (cm): Shimano pike -set + your name added to Challenge Cup
  3. Biggest zander (cm): Shimano zander -set + your name added to Challenge Cup

Every post that is published and accepted in social media platform attends/participates to lottery, which wins a guided fishing tour for 1 to 5 persons at Ala-Keitele lake area.


Competition rules:

Permissible ways to fish: Casting, trolling, angling and ice fishing.

Permissible areas: Ala-Keitele lake area (maps available from lodging), from boat or from beach. Every fisherman is obliged to have a valid state fishing permission.


Measuring and reporting:

Fishes have drainage system depending minimum lengths. Fishes (cm) below this length shall release immediately. Also large fishes are preferred to release (zander +55 cm, perch +35 cm and pike +80 cm).

Every fisherman receives a measuring tape from lodging. Fishes are measured and fotoed above so that the whole fish is clearly seen towards the measuring tape. Head of the fish must be on the zero point of the measuring tape and only full centimeters are count (for example 79,2 cm -> 79 cm). Length of the fish is measured from jaw (zero point) to tip of the compressed tailfin. Foto must also imply current tag of the day.

  • Reporting takes place by publishing a foto (fis on a measuring tape) on Instagram.
  • For documentation: fisherman needs a tag for a current day and a measuring tape. These are available from lodging.
  • Bloody fishes are not permitted to be footed.


Rules of handling fish:

Fishes must handle gently and utmost care. Measuring and fotoing must carry out quickly before releasing them back to water. Watering the measuring tape beforehand is preferred.


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